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Applying for College

Applying for college can be a very daunting and tedious process, but with Financial Student Aid’s 4 quick steps, you will be on your way to completing your college applications in no time.

The first step is to narrow the search. This means selecting your major and determining the schools you would like to apply to, based on what you expect and desire from an educational program. The second step is to research the admission requirements for the schools you’ve selected to make sure you have all of your “ducks in a row” before applying. The third step is to make a timeline/to-do list of things you will need to do before applying. Once you’ve completed your application pre-work, you are ready for step four. Apply for college!


Money-Saving Tips: (1) Set up a meeting with your school counselor to see if you qualify for application fee waivers. This will help save money, as application fees can be $25 or more for each school. (2) Utilize the common application when applying to multiple schools within the state of Texas. See the links below.


Considering applying to multiple schools?

Common Application

Apply Texas


Application Resources & Support:

Applying 101

Applying to Schools


Essay Support:

Crafting the Best College Essay

Essay Editing Website

College Interviewing Tips

Virtual College Tours

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